Samsung Tv Plus Channels

samsung tv plus channels. If you have a Samsung TV, you may have heard about the Samsung TV Plus service. This is a new way to get free channels and turn your TV into a smart one. Here is what you need to know about it:

Here are all the Samsung TV Plus channels

Here are all the Samsung TV Plus channels

  • ABC NEWS Channel 9
  • +10 (SBS)
  • ELEVEN (Network Ten)
  • FOX 8 (FOX8)
samsung tv plus channels
samsung tv plus channels

samsung tv plus channels

  • Samsung TV Plus Channels

Samsung TV Plus channels are the most popular ones and you can use them to watch your favorite programs. You can find different types of program on these channels which include news, music, movie, sports and other entertainment programs. They are divided into two categories: live and On Demand content. Live content means that you can watch your favorite shows as they air while On Demand means that some of them will be available later on demand or at a later time than their original broadcast date.

  • Local Channels For Samsung TV Plus

Local channels are those that only exist in certain places like Chicago or New York City etc., but these local stations’ signals aren’t available for streaming over-the-air because they aren’t on any satellite network like DISH Network or DIRECTV (that’s why we came up with this guide!). If you want these local networks then all you have to do is visit www[dot]samsung[dot]com/streamingtv[dot]html , go into Settings > General > Country & Language Settings > Select United States from Geo Location drop down menu at top left corner of page then scroll down until you see Digital Broadcast Information Panel where it says “Broadcast Channel Information” under Network Name Section (you may need an internet connection).

samsung tv plus local channels

  • What are the local channels available?

In addition to the three main networks, you’ll get a selection of network affiliates. This includes CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC. You can also get a selection of cable channels like ESPN and CNN. Most importantly you’ll have access to your favorite local news stations in high definition.* How do I get local channels on Samsung TV Plus?

To access local programming from your Samsung TV Plus box:

Choose MENU on your remote control; then select Settings & Accounts > All Settings > Setup Wizard > Local Channels > Add Channel; then enter channel information for your station in the corresponding fields.* How check samsung smart tv plus service status ?

samsung tv plus channels
samsung tv plus channels

samsung plus tv channels

The Samsung TV Plus app is available on the following Samsung Smart TVs:

  • 2019 QLEDs and NU7100s (Including NU7100, NU7300, NU8000)
  • 2018 QLEDs and NU9000/NU8500 series (Including QN75Q9FN, QE75Q80R, UE55Q8FN)
  • 2017 & 2018 KS9800 series (Including KS9800)

If you own one of these models—or any other model that has the necessary software installed—you can easily set up your local channels using your remote control.

how to get local channels on samsung tv plus

If you’re looking to get local channels on your Samsung TV Plus, this guide is for you!

  • Go to the channel guide.
  • Select the local channel you want to watch.
  • Press the green button on your remote control.
  • Scroll down and select Record in case you want to watch it later.
samsung tv plus channels
samsung tv plus channels

Here are the new channels available in Australia.

If you have Samsung TV Plus, the new channel lineup is available to watch on your TV, phone and tablet.

Here are the new channels available in Australia:

  • BabyTV
  • Cartoon Network
  • Comedy Central
  • Food Network
  • MTV
  • Nickelodeon/Nick Jr.

Sky News Australia

The only Australian news channel on the platform, Sky News Australia is a 24-hour rolling news channel that covers local and international stories. The channel features opinionated panel discussions, live crosses from reporters on the ground in hotspots around the world, and analysis of current events. It has been broadcasting since 2003 to over 30 million households in Australia alone.

If you’re interested in watching Sky News Australia as part of your TV Plus subscription with Foxtel Now, you can do so by adding it as a premium channel (costing $9 or $5 per month) or through one of its many simulcasts throughout Europe and other parts of Asia. If you live in an area where there’s no local access to broadcast signals—or if those signal are too weak for reliable streaming—you’ll want to consider upgrading your internet connection before signing up for any streaming service like this one (or at least make sure your Wi-Fi router is placed near where people are likely to use it).

Sky News Weather Channel

Sky News Weather Channel is an Australian 24-hour weather channel by Sky News. The channel features a range of weather information, including the latest weather forecast for all Australian states and territories, as well as localised weather reports from each location.

To find your local channels, press the HOME button on your remote control. Then, select Settings > All Settings > General > Network. Select Scan for Channels under “TV” and follow the on-screen instructionsThis will record the program and save it in your list of recordings..

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a financial news and information website. It provides stock quotes, portfolio management resources, and real-time market data. Yahoo Finance’s main competitor is MarketWatch; other competitors include Business Insider and Bloomberg News.

The Australian version of the channel was launched on 27 February 2018 after being delayed since November 2017 due to a carriage dispute between Foxtel and Seven West Media.[1] Sky News Australia is also available in New Zealand and Fiji through pay television providers Sky Television (NZ) and Spark New Zealand respectively.[2][3][4] A high definition simulcast launched on the Foxtel and Optus Television subscription platforms in 2008.[5]

samsung tv plus channels
samsung tv plus channels


Seven is a free-to-air commercial network that broadcasts across Australia with the main channel available on Channel 7 in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Seven’s digital multi-channel is available in all markets except Darwin and Launceston. The Seven Network also has seven regional affiliates and five pay TV channels – 7TWO, 7mate, 7flix and (which was sold to Sky News Australia in 2017).

The network’s programming schedule includes news bulletins from Sunrise at 6am on weekday mornings through to the 10pm bulletin on weeknights plus weekend bulletins at 5am Sunday morning; Seven News at 6pm nightly; plus sports coverage including AFL (Australian Rules Football), NRL (Rugby League) and cricket matches like the BBL(Big Bash League).


LifeStyle is a lifestyle channel that’s been bringing you the latest in home entertainment, design and fashion for more than 30 years.

LifeStyle is part of the Foxtel family and it’s available on Foxtel On Demand, as well as being available on Samsung TV Plus.

It also features live weather reports from across Australia and around the world, as well as coverage of weather-related news stories. The channel launched in October 2018, replacing Sky News Weather on Foxtel. It is available in standard definition and high definition formats.

Food Network

Food Network is a television channel showing cooking and food programming. It is owned by Discovery Inc., who acquired the network for $2.1 billion in 2018. The channel was first launched in 1993, with its headquarters based in New York City, US.

The channel has been available in Australia since 2003 on Foxtel, Fetch TV and Optus TV (as well as some pay TV services that don’t carry it). In New Zealand, Food Network can be watched on Sky TV (cable/satellite) or Freeview HD Channel 508

LifeStyle is dedicated to helping you make the most of your life by creating a space that’s not only beautiful, but functional too. The channel brings you the latest trends in interior design and home improvement, as well as fashion and beauty advice from experts in their fields.

samsung tv plus channels


Arena is a sports channel that broadcasts games and events from the AFL, NRL, Super Rugby, Cricket Australia and various other sporting associations. The channel also airs some entertainment programs such as “The Voice” and “Gotham.”

Arena is available in Australia on channel 123 of the Samsung TV Plus app. It is also available in New Zealand on Channel 21 on SKY Digital Satellite TV Service or Channel 19 on SKY Freeview Satellite Television Service.


  • FOX8 is a subscription channel
  • FOX8 has several viewing options: Foxtel, Fetch TV, Optus, Vodafone and Telstra.

. Food Network was first launched in 1993, with its headquarters based in New York City, US. The channel has been available in Australia since 2003 on Foxtel, Fetch TV and Optus TV (as well as some pay TV services that don’t carry it). In New Zealand, Food Network can be watched on Sky TV (cable/satellite) or Freeview HD Channel 50Arena is also available in Fiji on channel 21 on SKY Digital Satellite TV Service. In Samoa, Arena airs on channel 5 or 8 and in Papua New Guinea, it’s available on channel 15.8

LifeStyle HOME

LifeStyle HOME is a channel that shows lifestyle programs. It is available on channel 113 and is available in HD. It is also only available in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

If you have Samsung TV Plus, it is free with this service.

Foxtel is an Australian pay TV provider that offers a range of subscription packages. Foxtel’s sports and entertainment channels are available in standard definition (SD) or high-definition (HD). Foxtel provides two ways to watch FOX8 live: via a cable connection, or through its online streaming service, Foxtel Play.

LifeStyle FOOD

LifeStyle FOOD is a channel that offers you the best recipes and cooking tips.

You can find all your favourite shows on LifeStyle FOOD.

The channel has cooking shows, food reviews, and much more.

It is a great channel for those who love food and want to know more about it. The content is of high quality, which makes it even better. You can easily find your favourite shows by searching under the ‘Channels’ tab on your TV or streaming device.

BBC Earth

BBC Earth is a British pay television channel owned by BBC Studios and operated in partnership with American cable and satellite television provider Discovery, Inc. The channel features documentaries focusing on the natural environment, ancient civilizations and the universe.

It is available in certain countries via digital television, cable/satellite TV and online platforms such as Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. In many other countries it is streamed online or distributed via third party networks.

The channel has been described as “the world’s first global natural history service.”[1]

BBC World News

BBC World News is a 24-hour global news channel broadcasting around the world. It is funded by the British Broadcasting Corporation and was launched in 1995. BBC World News is currently available in over 100 countries and territories, including:

  • Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East
  • North America (Canada)
  • Latin America (the Caribbean and South America)

If you have a Samsung TV, here are your free TV Plus channels.

Samsung TV Plus is a free service that offers a selection of free-to-air channels. You can access the channels on any Samsung Smart TV with an internet connection, and in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The channel is available in English and Filipino. If you have a Samsung TV, then you can watch HOME on channel 113The channel has shows like “The Chefs”, “Food Safari” and “Sugar Rush”. It also has a large variety of cooking tips and tricks on its websiteIn Australia, Samsung TV Plus offers three free-to-air channels: SBS Viceland, ELEVEN and One. In Canada, there are four channels available: CBC News Network (CBC), TSN1 (TSN), RDS2 (RDS) and Space…


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