What is called AP Computer Science?

Ap Computer Science.If you’re looking to take the AP Computer Science test, or if you just want to learn about this subject, then this article is for you. It’s not that hard to understand what AP Computer Science is all about. In fact, the word “computer science” could be used to describe almost any topic on Lets Go Learn! But don’t worry—we’ll help break down the basics so that by the end of this guide, you’ll be ready and eager to ace your next class or exam!

What is AP Computer Science?

AP Computer Science is a course that teaches students how to program computers and understand how they work. The AP test at the end of the year counts as college credit if you get a high enough score on it.

The curriculum for this course includes:

  • Programming in C++, including object-oriented programming;
  • Data structures;
  • Algorithms and some mathematical theory (logic, sets and relations); The emphasis is on applications rather than abstract theory;
Ap Computer Science
Ap Computer Science

Ap Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science Principles is a course that teaches students how to think like computer scientists. The course covers topics such as algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture. It’s broken up into two sections: AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A (which you can take in a year or two).

The first section is called AP Computer Science Principles—it’s a one-semester class where you’ll learn about all the basics of programming and how computers work.

When you finish this class, you’ll be ready for your next step: taking an exam! So make sure you’re prepared by practicing with our free online practice test at www.apcoredhelp.com/exam/practice_test/. You can also look over our curriculum overviews below to see what subjects will be covered in each exam section of your upcoming exam: apcoredhelp.com/curriculum

Ap Computer Science Principles Practice Exam

The practice exam was difficult. The questions were similar to the actual AP Computer Science Principles exam, but it was not identical to it. I think the practice exam helped me prepare for the actual AP test, though some of the questions were worded differently or had slightly different answers than what you may have expected. I would recommend taking this practice test before taking the real thing in order to get used to how it feels and how long each section takes you.

Ap Computer Science
Ap Computer Science

Ap Computer Science A Practice Exam

AP Computer Science is a course taught to high school students that focuses on the programming and design aspects of computer science. The course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Data manipulation and processing
  • Algorithms and complexity analysis
  • Object-oriented programming techniques
  • Compiler design

Ap Computer Science A Curriculum

The AP Computer Science Principles Curriculum is the same as the AP Computer Science Principles Exam, which means that it’s also the same as the AP Computer Science A Curriculum. The curriculum is a guide for high school teachers to teach and evaluate students on their knowledge of computer science.

The curriculum focuses on teaching students how to write code using Java and C++; this is different from other languages such as Python or JavaScript, which are used by most web developers in 2018.

Ap Computer Science
Ap Computer Science

Ap Computer Science Class Online

AP Computer Science is a rigorous course that focuses on the fundamentals of computer science. It covers topics like data structures and algorithms, as well as more advanced topics like operating systems and parallel computing. While you might think this sounds pretty dry, it’s not! You’ll be using these tools to solve challenges in your own projects throughout the year, which can be anything from simple websites to apps.

You won’t get far without those tools though—and don’t even think about trying to make things up as you go along. Your instructor will help guide your learning process throughout the course so that you always have access to resources when it comes time for an assignment or project due date. And if all else fails? There are plenty of free tutoring services available online (like ours!) so that no matter where you live or what resources are available locally, everyone has access to great teaching materials

What will I learn in AP Computer Science?

AP Computer Science will introduce you to the study of algorithms, data structures, computer programming and software engineering. You’ll learn how to model problems using a variety of abstraction levels; how to analyze methods for solving these problems; and how to implement solutions in a variety of languages. In addition, you’ll learn about key issues in computing: security and privacy; censorship; intellectual property rights; ethics (both individual and societal); diversity/accessibility/inclusivity/equity/diversity…you get the idea!

You’ll learn by doing: we engage students in hands-on activities that emphasize design over discovery or memorization. Each year culminates with an end-of-year project that integrates course material into a larger context relevant to your life—and helps prepare you for college studies!

Ap Computer Science
Ap Computer Science

Should I take the AP Computer Science test at the end of the year?

You should consider taking the AP Computer Science A test at the end of your junior year. If you’re unsure about whether or not it’s right for you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you interested in computer science and have taken other courses in this field?
  • Do you enjoy writing code as part of your coursework and extracurricular activities?
  • Do you like tinkering with computers, learning new programming languages, and trying out new programs (such as Minecraft)?

If so, then yes! Taking this test could be a great way to learn more about computer science while earning college credit. It’s also useful if some of your friends have taken the test already—they’ll be able to give advice on what they learned from it and how it went for them.

Where can I find free tutoring for AP Computer Science?

If you’re looking for free AP Computer Science tutoring, there are a few options available.

  • LetsGoLearn.com offers AP Computer Science help for all levels of students through live video, text chat and email messaging.
  • Khan Academy is another popular option for those looking to learn more about the subject from home or on the go. It has videos that cover everything from high school level topics all the way up to college level concepts like data structures and algorithms.
  • Study.com also offers high quality content geared towards helping students prepare for an upcoming exam in this subject area with skills such as creating computer programs or analyzing problems related to programming languages
Ap Computer Science
Ap Computer Science

If you want to learn about AP Computer Science, go to LetsGoLearn.com now!

If you want to learn about AP Computer Science, go to LetsGoLearn.com now!

AP Computer Science is a college level course that you can take in high school. This means that by taking this class, it will give you an edge when applying for colleges because many of them look favorably on students who take higher level courses while they are still in high school. It also gives you the opportunity to start learning about computers and programming while still in high school so that when it comes time for college classes, there won’t be as much of a learning curve as there would be if this was your first experience with computers or programming languages.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post about AP Computer Science. If you’re looking for more information on this subject, be sure to visit LetsGoLearn.com now!

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