What Is Navicat For Mysql?

what is navicat for mysql?. Navicat is a free software that used to create, edit, copy and backup data in MySQL database. With its help you can connect to your local/remote MySQL server and manage all its aspects. You can handle a single or multiple servers at the same time within one instance of Navicat.

This is possible thanks to Tabbed interface that allows you to switch from one server window to another with just a click on tab name. Also there are many useful features such as Data Viewer which displays information about tables, columns and indexes; SQL Editor for writing queries; Script Recorder which records your actions automatically generating “code skeletons” for faster development; SQL Console for executing queries programmatically; Admin Toolbox which provides easy way of creating users etc

What Is Navicat For Mysql?

what is navicat for mysql?

Navicat for MySQL is a powerful database administration tool. It can be used to manage and develop databases, as well as connect to MySQL servers, regardless of their location.

Navicat for MySQL supports the latest version of MariaDB, the community-developed fork of MySQL that adds enhanced features such as support for native partitioning, parallel replication and more.

what is navicat for mysql?.The program also supports SQLite, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Navicat’s user interface is similar to its Mac OS X counterpart, offering an intuitive environment that allows users to easily navigate through data tables without having any experience in database programming languages like PHP or Basic Query Language (BQL).

navicat mysql

Navicat for MySQL is a database administration tool that allows you to manage, design, and develop databases. It has many features including:

  • Connection and query tools
  • SQL editor with syntax highlighting and code completion support
  • Data transfer operations (import/export) between different database servers

You can use Navicat on Windows and Linux systems as well as Mac computers.

You can now use the data source to connect with your database server, create new databases and tables, manage users and permissions, import/export data between different databases, etcNavicat can be used for many database management tasks, including: Database design and development Data migration and synchronization Data conversion between different formats.

Navicat for MySQL

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Navicat for MySQL (Navicat for SQLite and Navicat for PostgreSQL) is a powerful software that allows you to manage your MySQL databases. It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface, which makes it easier to create, modify and retrieve data from databases.

You can also perform routine database maintenance such as backups/restores, schema changes and more through this tool. The software supports various types of connections including SSH tunneling and direct TCP/IP connections.

It supports all popular versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3 32bit or 64bit editions as well as Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (Intel only), 10.7 Lion (Intel only), 10.8 Mountain Lion (Intel only).

navicat for mac

When you start Navicat, the application window opens. You can view and manage your databases through this interface.

In the left panel, there are three main sections: Data Source, Database Servers and Objects. There are also other tabs at the top of your screen: Schema Objects; Tables; Views; Stored Procedures; Functions etc…

Navicat for MySQL

navicat for mysql free

  • Download and install Navicat for MySQL
  • Launch Navicat for MySQL, you will see a welcome page. If it is your first time to use this software, you should click the “Create a new connection” button to open a dialog box asking for your details. In that dialog box, fill out the required fields and then click “OK”.
  • After connecting successfully with your database server, the new data source can be seen on the left side of Navicat for MySQL window as follows:

In the Data Source tab, you can create new databases and connect to existing ones. The Database Servers section is where you can manage your database servers. You can view their status, run backups and other maintenance tasks on them.

Navicat for MySQL


The final step is to export your data from MySQL into a CSV file. This can be done using the Export option on the Data tab of the Navicat interface. You can then import this file into any spreadsheet application that supports CSV files, such as Micros

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