firebase alternatives

firebase alternatives. There are many great options for Firebase alternatives. Here’s a list of alternatives to using Firebase.


Backendless is a cloud platform that allows you to build and host mobile, web and IoT apps without spending time on backend development. It gives you the ability to create an API for your app with just a few clicks, or use one of the many pre-built APIs available in our marketplace.

With Backendless, you can create apps with a free generous free tier and affordable pricing for more advanced users. If you want to create an API as part of your app, there are no limitations as long as it doesn’t exceed 10 million calls per month or 1 GB data storage.

firebase alternatives
firebase alternatives

firebase alternatives open source

  • Firebase alternatives open source.
  • Open source firebase alternatives.
  • Google firebase alternatives.
  • Free firebase alternatives.

You will be able to find a lot of them here, not just the ones that exist but also the ones that are expected to launch in future or before 2020 ends:

  • Realm: A part of this free database is considered open-source, while the rest has some limitations on usage and development. It can be used as an alternative for Firebase Realtime Database if you are looking for something fast and lightweight with support for iOS, Android and JavaScript libraries (JavaScript runtime) based on React Native framework or build natively using Objective C/Swift/Java (Android).
  • You will get a separate file-based database which supports indexing data across multiple platforms with no need of syncing it with another device like iCloud or Dropbox etc., making it easier to use than other databases such as CouchDB which only works well under specific conditions like having plenty of RAM available in your laptop or computer system otherwise performance may degrade over time because more than one person might try accessing it at once
  • hence this feature does come handy especially when working remotely without access through Wi-Fi internet connection where each user would need their own copy installed locally instead depending solely on cloud storage service providers such as Amazon S3 bucket storage system available today only through paid plans which could cost you quite more than what these developers offer now – $15 per month/$150
  • annually/$1K lifetime license fee including full support from all staffs involved with development work done by themselves during business hours Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST time zone unless specified otherwise upon purchase order completion

open source firebase alternatives

  • Open source firebase alternatives:
  • Realm (
  • PouchDB (
  • CouchDB (
  • MongoDB (https://www.*
firebase alternatives
firebase alternatives

google firebase alternatives

In this tutorial, we will be looking at some of the best Google Firebase alternatives.

  • [Google Firebase]( is a back-end service that helps you build apps and grow your business. It offers real-time database, remote config, hosting & static delivery and more.
  • [Firebase Cloud Functions]( are functions triggered by events such as HTTP requests or changes to data in Cloud Storage, Pub/Sub messages on a topic or message payloads from Cloud Functions triggers within your project’s function configuration settings in the Firebase Console or via the gcloud command line tool in GCP Console version 5.* [Open Source
  • ( Database for Real-Time Analytics on Mobile & Web App Development ((1.) Open Source Database for Real Time Analytics on Mobile & Web App Development (2.) Google’s open source database))

free firebase alternatives

Free Firebase Alternatives

The best free alternatives to Firebase are:

  • Cloud Functions for Firebase by Google, which provides serverless functions that run in response to events and messages from other applications. This is a fully managed solution that can reduce your time spent maintaining and scaling your backend infrastructure, while ensuring availability and security of your data.
  • Microsoft Azure App Service Mobile Apps, which allows you to build mobile apps using the same technologies used by companies like Uber and Salesforce—including Xamarin cross-platform native iOS/Android mobile app development using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).
  • You can also use VSTS for Continuous Delivery, allowing you to easily publish content directly from GitHub or BitBucket repositories via continuous integration into App Service through automated builds with code signing support provided out of the box.
firebase alternatives
firebase alternatives


Realm is a mobile database that provides you with a replacement for Firebase, or any other solution. It’s an open source, cross-platform solution with native bindings for Android and iOS. You can use it to build apps in Java, Kotlin, Swift and React Native.

If you’re looking for something like Realm, then there are many other options out there including CouchDB (which has been around since 2004), Azure Cosmos DB (Microsoft’s cloud-based database) or MongoDB (the most popular NoSQL database).

It’s also a document-oriented database with the ability to store data in JSON format. CouchDB is written in Erlang and has a REST API interface which makes it easy to integrate with other applicationsBut if you’re looking for something that is as fast and lightweight as Realm, then there are some viable options. One of them is SQLite, which is a self-contained database that can be embedded in your application (it comes pre-installed with Android)..


PouchDB is a JavaScript database that can be used to store, sync and query data in real-time. It’s a great alternative to Firebase because it is open source and can be used with any programming language.

CouchDB is another NoSQL database that you might want to consider using as an alternative to Firebase. Like PouchDB, CouchDB is also open source and available on all platforms (Android/iOS).


mLab is a cloud-hosted database service that provides a full-featured PostgreSQL database as a service. It supports the full range of PostgreSQL features, including distributed and masterless replication, point in time recovery, and multi-tenancy.

Backendless is an open source firebase alternative, with a suite of products for building and operating realtime, mobile-backend services that support the full range of features for both Android and iOS applications. Realm helps developers build better apps faster by making it easier to work with data on any device – even offline!

mongodb , CouchDB , Redis are firebase alternatives open source.

firebase alternatives
firebase alternatives


CouchDB is a document-oriented database that provides a RESTful JSON API. It’s one of the best alternatives to Firebase in terms of NoSQL.

MongoDB is a cross-platform, document oriented database with a rich query language and support for data aggregation, indexing, and MapReduce functions through its JavaScript driver. PouchDB is an open source JavaScript database inspired by Apache CouchDB created by Max Ogden at Mozilla Research that makes it easy to store data locally while offline and synchronize with online services when you’re back online.

For example, if you’re building an app with AngularJS or ReactJS that needs some persistence capabilities (for example, saving user preferences), then PouchDB might be your best bet because it’s easily integrated into these frameworks with their respective drivers: $couch = require(‘pouchdb’).connection();

Realm is an alternative object graph library for mobile apps built on top of SQLite rather than Core Data or Realm Core which are based on MongoDB (which was originally built as part of CouchDB). Backendless offers developers the ability to build modern applications without having to worry about server infrastructure—just focus on writing code!


MongoDB is a document-oriented database that’s been around since 2007. It’s open source and written in C++.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database, which means that it stores data in an unstructured format instead of using tables and columns like traditional relational databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Rather than storing rows and columns of data, MongoDB stores documents with key-value pairs.

This makes it easy to work with large amounts of data because you can easily search through all your documents by running queries against their contents rather than having to filter down through each row individually like you would with a relational database.

All of these are firebase alternatives

Firebase alternatives are plentiful. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Heroku
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

CouchDB is a document-oriented database that uses JSON as its data format. It supports two models: document-based and view-based. The former supports the storage of documents with metadata, while the latter allows you to store views on top of data contained in CouchDBMicrosoft Azure Cloud Foundry.

CouchDB is a NoSQL database that uses JSON as its data format. It supports two models: document-based and view-based. The former supports the storage of documents with metadata, while the latter allows you to store views on top of data contained in CouchDBMicrosoft Azure Cloud Foundry.

firebase alternatives
firebase alternatives


There are many more mobile app developers than ever before, but it is still important to use a platform that will help you create your best work. Whether you need real-time data synchronization or just want to add some custom features to your app, there are several great options out there. We hope this article has provided you with some new ideas on how you can improve your project! Happy coding!

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